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Andrew Cameron

Principal Consultant

As a commercial leader with over 20 years’ experience, I am incredibly excited about the ability of person-centred approaches to deliver better health outcomes.

I have had the opportunity to consult or lead across a range of different sized healthcare organisations including service providers, biotech, and consumer health companies.  Most of these have shared the same challenge and that is - how do we move from a product or provider centred business model to one that puts people at its heart?

My response to them

- Develop the right strategy that has its focus on people. Then go and implement it 

- Measure its impact where it matters most, with the users of your brands or services

- Lead the vision setting and develop the right capability across your teams

- Have the right level of focus on people and change to ensure your new vision comes to life

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Advancing person-centred healthcare 

At HealthiNZ we have a passion for health innovation and new technologies that make a big difference to people's lives. Believing that in order to achieve this, you first need to have a singular focus on improving their experience.   

Because when you focus on people, you innovate around the things that matter most to them. It could be by listening to their voice, having them co-design alongside your team or help you tell your story. Not only will people value you more for it, this will often lead to better health outcomes for them. Given this, we love helping our clients with disruptive thinking to generate big ideas - leading to real person-centred advances in healthcare.

At HealthiNZ our role is to help you lead the way. We are a healthcare consultancy that provide a broad range of services including strategic advisory, commercialisation, service and brand development across healthcare and wellbeing.

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