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Our HealthiNZ Approach


We always make sure we do not lose sight of the bigger picture in any work we do. Taking a person-centred approach often requires our clients being brave, however we continually check in to make sure that the ideas and solutions are going to be 'fit for purpose'


Healthcare is complicated so its critical we work really hard to make the complex simple for you. Not only will this help you with the conversations you want to have, it also provides a catalyst for change 


As a healthcare consultancy we support you to make sure that visionary thinking and ideas are led from the front.  As well providing calming influence in face of change  


Our go-to approach is to bring the outside in, whether it be a user of our services or someone from a related sector. This ensures we generate new concepts that are beyond the norm. 


Vision and Strategy Development

Working across a range of business situations to understand your challenge then provide the right direction and leadership to help you achieve your objectives

"It's generally a case for us of having been there done that.  Whether through stakeholder interviews or research we first understand your challenge and how it impacts the people that access your product or service. Then, we will work with you and your teams to develop a clear vision and strategy for success through facilitated sessions, together with a roadmap for activation."

Design and Innovate

Whether it be models of care, product or service innovation. We make sure that the persons experience and insight is central to developing new solutions. 

"We work with our clients to ensure that the persons voice is heard in all innovation and design work.  Through extensive research and co-design we lead an approach that provides the greatest chance of success when implemented." 


Activation and Check-In

Helping clients to implement solutions and then measuring their impact to ensure they are able to sustainably improve peoples' health outcomes and experience.

"We ensure that implementation remains people focussed. Helping our clients with all aspects of implementation including stakeholder management, brand identity development, communication and messaging, employee training and capability development.  Putting in place a measurement plan that allows us to track progress and make adjustments if required." 

Our Approach: Services
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